Your Home Could be the

Key to Your Dreams!

Whether you’re making a home improvement, planning for the unexpected, or just want to check something off your wish list, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with 44 North Credit Union is a smart option.** Our HELOC features:

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Adjustable and Fixed-Rates
  • Ability to Borrow Up to 80% of the Value of Your Home
  • Funding as Soon as 2 Weeks*
  • 15 Year Draw Period with the Option of an Additional 15 Year Repayment Period
  • 12 Month Rate of 8.25% APR*

*APR is annual percentage rate. Funding time varies. **Limited time offer.

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A HELOC could be the key to your dreams. HELOCs can be a great way to help finance any planned or unexpected major expenses. With HELOCs, interest rates are typically lower than options such as personal loans or credit cards with flexible repayment terms. 

Here are four examples of what you can do with a HELOC:

Home Improvement

Old roof? Outdated bathrooms? Update your backyard, replace your old roof, create your dream kitchen space, and so much more to increase the resale value of your home.


If you’re planning on going back to school, the cost of education can be intimidating. A HELOC can help fund your education with lower-interest rates and flexible payment options.

Family Vacation

Credit cards and loans have times when they are needed, but having the flexibility and low-interest rates with a HELOC is a great option for financing the dream vacation you’ve been planning.

Unexpected Expenses

Emergency funds aren’t always available, but a trip to the ER can be unexpected leaving a financial burden if you’re not prepared. A HELOC can create peace of mind for moments you’re not expecting.



Ability to Borrow Up to 80% of the Value of Your Home