Eagle Scout Adopt-A-Trail

Our Eagle Scout Adopt-A-Trail Work Day was a testament to resilience. The weather was frightful, but our team was bold and delightful! Rain or shine, we pulled through! Adopted this trail with the help of Build Lebanon Trails – huge thanks to them!   Director Rod Sell shared some kind words about our hard work: […]

10 Holiday Scams to Watch Out For

10 Holiday Scams to Watch Out For! ‘Tis the season for joy, but scammers are working overtime to turn your holiday cheer into a nightmare. Stay one step ahead by keeping an eye out for these 10-holiday scams: Fake Online Stores: Beware of too-good-to-be-true deals on unfamiliar websites. Check for secure payment options and reviews […]

Charter Vote

CHarter ChAnge vote Charting a Brighter Future Together… Thank you to everyone who participated in the State Charter vote! We’re thrilled to inform you that the State Charter vote has been successfully passed with votes for yes over 80%. Thank you for your active participation in this important process!  The Board of Directors of this […]

Member Pets

Get Social With US Share the Joy of Your Pet With the World!🐾✨ Calling all proud pet parents! We had such a blast meeting all our staff’s pets, we want to meet our member’s pets as well! We know your adorable pets hold a special place in your heart, and now’s your chance to showcase […]

Keep Your Accounts Safe

We’ve become aware that members are getting fake phone calls from fraudsters that are spoofing our phone number.  They may try to trick you into giving them your card number, expiration date, and CVV information by telling you there is fraudulent activity on your card.  They may also attempt to gain access to your online […]

Save Money

Save Money By Canceling Unwanted Subscriptions! Are you wondering where all of your hard-earned dollars are going? Automatic payments have made paying your bills much easier, but one downside is that you may have a list of subscriptions that you have forgotten you are paying. There are music subscriptions, video streaming subscriptions & online storage, […]

Staff Fun

Get Social With US SHARE & WIN We are excited to announce a new fun way for us to get to know each other better and for our membership to get to know all of us (our amazing CU team!) a little better. Participation is completely voluntary, of course. If you choose to participate you […]

Improve Your Credit

TIPS TO IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT Evaluate your budget Instead of applying for more credit to get additional money, take a hard look at your budget. Figure out ways to cut out unnecessary spending and try to make bigger payments to current credit card bills and loans. Larger payments will reduce the amount of interest you […]